MOTOGUD goes to Corvette Invasion

There must have been a few hundred Corvettes at the Oasis in Austin, Texas.  Corvettes were everywhere. At Corvette Invasion, I was hanging out with Ryan, the founder of MOTOGUD, Aaron and Jon.  We were all there to talk about MOTOGUD and its mission.   Although it was a Corvette event, the people that showed up […]

Wide wheel wells ZR8

Dodge viper SRT8

Lots and lots of horsepower

  Every now and then there is an occasion where a car producing even 1000 hp isn’t enough.  An example is the Texas half mile shootout. At this event, you need thousands of horsepowers to have a high enough trap speed to be one of the fastest cars in the event.  You have half a mile […]

The “track-version” BMW M3

Josh bought his E46 BMW M3 a few years ago with no intention of racing, modifying it or doing anything with it really.  He just wanted to leave it in pristine condition with the fewest possible miles. Fast forward to today and his car is tearing it up on the track! His M3 is what he […]

Josh's racing version M3

CL65 AMG front view

CL65 AMG – The $30,000 post

The story I asked my friend, Mubashir, to buy a car just so I could create a new post. And he did. Of course, I’m just kidding.  He was going to buy a car anyway, but I’d like to think I had something to do with his purchasing decision. I generally spend some time each day looking […]

A Chat with MOTOGUD founder Ryan Surber

A mutual friend introduced me to Ryan Surber, founder of MOTOGUD, a while back since we are both auto fanatics and building something for auto enthusiasts.  I followed Ryan around when he was putting together the Bat City Rally and covered the event here.  MOTOGUD is doing some great stuff. Ryan actually has a very […]

MOTOGUD's Ryan Surber

Ferrari Rear

Ferrari 360 Modena – with a twist 4

Aside from racing cars and being an all around car fanatic, Doug is also a research scientist.  So, what does it mean to be a research scientist?  It turns out that there are a handful of guys like Doug who write computer languages and compilers to make computers run better, faster and become more intelligent. […]

The Bat City Rally in Austin, Texas

The question is not what is the Bat City Rally but rather, what is it not?  Although the event is about driving with purpose which is the core mission of MOTOGUD, the rallies have a little something for everyone.  There are tons of challenges (driving and otherwise), clues to solve, time to monitor, checkpoints to […]


Ferrari cookies

MOTOGUD Bat City Rally – behind the scenes

MOTOGUD is the brainchild of Ryan Surber.  Originally created in Des Moines, Iowa, Ryan is bringing it to Austin, Texas.  MOTOGUD holds entertaining European style rally events for auto enthusiasts while simultaneously raising money for charities.  He appropriately calls it “driving with purpose”. I tagged along with Ryan and Trase to see what it’s like putting together the […]

Fisker Karma – keeping hope alive

It’s a shame that Fisker went bankrupt.  The car is so beautiful with perfect proportions.  It looks basically like a concept car that turned into reality.  Maybe part of my fascination with the car is that few people actually have seen or know what they are.  I think the last time I saw one was […]

Fisker rear angle

A3 top angle

Audi A3 – daily driver with a secret 2

So…what’s the secret? This particular Audi A3 can generate over 350 hp…maybe around 400 hp.  But the car’s not there yet. Mike’s 2011 A3 has an APR turbo kit and intercooler that the previous owner installed.  Mike has a mid-pipe and down-pipe that he will be installing soon.  An updated tune along with the existing upgrades […]