Infiniti Q50 Hybrid – A Tempting Tesla Alternative

Infiniti Q50 front Infiniti Q50 Hybrid   A Tempting Tesla Alternative

People have lots of hobbies – like gardening, playing chess, boxing, playing video games…

My hobby is to talk other people into buying cars…or at least nudge them along and continually remind them “hey don’t you want to the car that you really want?  Life is too short to not drive something you love.”  If they can afford it of course…

Luckily, if you look hard enough and you’re creative you can most likely find something that will satisfy your automotive desires.  And anytime there’s an automotive desire of any kind, I’m there to help…or should I say strongly encourage.

So, my co-worker is very interested in the Tesla but it costs more than what he’s willing to pay.  No problem.  Here is a great option – not quite a Tesla competitor but in the same category in terms of being environmentally friendly, fast and good looking.

infiniti q50 sport Infiniti Q50 Hybrid   A Tempting Tesla Alternative

The Infiniti Q50 Hybrid is actually quite good.  We went for a test drive to check it out and as we were driving the car I was thinking – if you can’t get a Tesla, then why not this?

Here’s a quick comparison to Tesla. You may be in the same boat, so let me share with you why the Q50 is a great alternative to the Tesla.

The Q50 is very quick

It’s not as quick as the $100K version of the Tesla, the P85 Tesla (definitely not P85 D version), but the Q50 Hybrid is very comparable to the 85 model in terms of power.  Horsepower and torque are roughly the same and when you floor the Q50, you feel the additional torque low-end torque provided by the electric motor.  It’s pulls very quick, similar to the Tesla…perhaps Infiniti was inspired by Tesla?

I was surprised by the acceleration of the Q50 hybrid which is significantly quicker off the line than it’s gasoline engine-only counterpart.  Other car manufacturers need to build hybrids like this where the electric motor enhances performance and provides the low-end torque that makes taking off from a stop so much fun!

The Q50 is cheaper

A stripped-down version of the Q50 hybrid will be in the low $50K range whereas the Tesla starts at $70K.  Although the Q50 is still expensive, you will not think about the fact that you couldn’t afford the Tesla, because there will be tons of things to love about the Q50.  I actually think $50K is a great price for what you’re getting – a great package of luxury and performance and great gas mileage as well!

infiniti q50 interior Infiniti Q50 Hybrid   A Tempting Tesla Alternative

Don’t need to worry about charging

Let’s face it.  The Tesla is very cool, no doubt, but you still have to worry about charging it.  There is a limited range and depending on where you live, you’ll always need to think about how you’re going to charge your computer on wheels.  Granted, it’s not that big of a concern, but still…not having to worry about it with the Q50 gives you that additional peace of mind.

Also, the gas engine is kind of nice….hearing the Q50 3.5L V6 come to life as you hit the higher rpms is great! This is quite different from the Tesla where it quietly whirs away as you continue to floor it without making a fuss of any kind.

With the Q50 at low speeds, you don’t hear the engine because the electric motor does all the work.

Awesome Gas Mileage

Thanks to the hybrid technology you can actually average about 30 mpg+ with a car that has over 350 hp.  Obviously there’s no worry about gas with the Tesla, but if you’re coming from a performance car that gets you 13 mpg, you will likely be overjoyed at the kind of gas mileage you’re achieving with the Q50 hybrid.

Better Warranty

It has 10,000 more miles of warranty! With modern cars packed so full of technology, you know that if something breaks, it will be a nightmare to fix.    Every extra mile with the warranty can only be a good thing.

two q50s Infiniti Q50 Hybrid   A Tempting Tesla Alternative

Technology Galore

The Q50 Hybrid has enough technology to make your head spin, but really would you actually want this much in a car?  There are cameras everywhere to keep you inside lane, direct adaptive steering (kind of scary that there is no mechanical linkage), predictive collision monitoring and all kinds of other stuff so that you can check Facebook and send text messages while driving.  Things that the Tesla doesn’t have (well…other than the P85D that just came out but it’s also quite a bit more expensive).  You probably wouldn’t want all of this anyway.

For the price and what you’re getting with the Q50, the car seems like a great deal.  Sure it’s not a Tesla and not completely electric, but it still represents a huge advancement in automotive technology.  If a Tesla is too much money, this car is definitely worth a look.

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