’56 Bel Air, Viper and a Carrera 4S

Shawn and his wife, Lorraine picked up not one, but two cars at an auction in Dallas not too long ago.  This is exactly what happens when car lovers to go to an auction – you just never know what you might run into…and what you mind end up driving home! Shawn was actually there to […]

Shawn with his Belair

Dale and Shea will their bikes

Ducati & Aprilia – two two-wheeled monsters

I have always been fascinated with sportbikes but honestly have never had any idea about them…until I met Dale and Shea. I just always liked the look and idea of a sports bike but have never taken the time or mustered up enough courage to learn how to ride a crotch rocket.  I guess I […]

Torque Affair cruise – one year later

About a year ago, I tried to organize a cruise to go out and drive our cars on the winding roads of the hill country in Austin, Texas; this was right around when I started this site.  Three people total that showed up – and one of them was me.  That’s right, I’m not kidding.  Here’s […]

Honda S2000

Doug and his Carrera

997 Porsche Carrera S – there is no substitute

Doug sold his Porsche 996 GT3 and replaced it with a rare Ferrari 360 Modena – a car he always considered one of the most beautiful ever made. At the time, he never thought the absence of the GT3 would be so noticeable. He missed the GT3 but realized what he really missed was having a […]

Life is too short to not drive something awesome

Every auto-enthusiast should try to enjoy all they can within the means that they have.  There are so many high-end performance cars in the used car market that you can find some insanely good bargains.  The trick with buying these cars is to either find a really good warranty, like one from CarMax or have […]


Carrera 4S badge

996 Porsche Carrera 4S – a driver’s car

I haven’t driven many cars at all.  In fact, for being such a diehard auto fanatic, I’ve driven an embarrassingly few number of cars.  But I’m on a mission to change that. I never really thought to put much emphasis on test-driving cars until recently.  Driving something versus just admiring looks from afar is a […]

E90 BMW M3 – what an unbelievable value

Chi’s 2008 BMW M3 is an insane bargain.  He bought the car for only $39,600 with 24K miles on it in 2011.  I have no idea how he was able to get such a great deal on what was at the time a relatively new car.  If you look at Autotrader today, you can see that […]

regular 3 series

Wide wheel wells ZR8

Rallye Republic goes to Corvette Invasion

There must have been a few hundred Corvettes at the Oasis in Austin, Texas.  Corvettes were everywhere. At Corvette Invasion, I was hanging out with Ryan, the founder of Rallye Republic, Aaron and Jon.  We were all there to talk about Rallye Republic and its mission.   Although it was a Corvette event, the people that […]

Lots and lots of horsepower

  Every now and then there is an occasion where a car producing even 1000 hp isn’t enough.  An example is the Texas half mile shootout. At this event, you need thousands of horsepowers to have a high enough trap speed to be one of the fastest cars in the event.  You have half a mile […]

Dodge viper SRT8

Josh's racing version M3

The “track-version” BMW M3

Josh bought his E46 BMW M3 a few years ago with no intention of racing, modifying it or doing anything with it really.  He just wanted to leave it in pristine condition with the fewest possible miles. Fast forward to today and his car is tearing it up on the track! His M3 is what he […]