I could sense a rivalry between Corvette owners and Mercedes owners.  There was a palpable tension in the air.  The Corvette owners parked together and the AMGs were on the other side.

After looking at this picture, someone even made a comment – “Hey, why are the AMG owners parked all rickety but the Corvettes have a nice formation”.

The reply?

“The AMG owners care about getting their doors dinged.”

Ha Ha.

Such is the rivalry between specific owners of certain cars.  I’m sure this kind of thing is prevalent between say, Porsche owners, Ferrari owners, BMW aficionados – whatever.

I can appreciate all kinds of cars.  I love Corvettes, but I also love AMGs, Porsches etc – all for different reasons, of course.  Each car manufacturer has something unique to offer.  So, I don’t discriminate.  If I do, I’m losing out something amazing.  For example – can anyone offer 400 hp engine with 400 lb-ft of torque for $20K???

It really was an interesting lineup – you had Corvettes right next to Mercedes.  I did notice that all the Corvette owners kept to themselves and most of the AMG owners kept to themselves.  Discrimination within the car community!

There was some mingling – but not much.  It was like mixing oil and water.


Lots of Vettes

So you might be wondering – how did all these Mercedes owners get together with Corvette owners in the first place?

It turns out that the mastermind behind this event appreciates both AMGs and Vettes!  Even though he loves his AMGs he had no problem inviting Corvette owners to show up at a meetup at where else..but the Circuit of the Americas.

The people who showed up got a tour of the facility and checked out all kinds of stuff.  I missed it because it was way too early on a Saturday morning and I was still in bed dreaming about owning a 997 911 turbo.

The benefit of showing up is that we all got to do a couple of parade laps at the Circuit of the Americas.  But it’s not what you think it was – none of us were going at 20 mph that you would expect at a typical “parade lap”.  But it doesn’t mean we were tackling turns at 100 mph either!

So lined up to enter the track and you had all of your AMGs on one side and then your Corvettes on the other.  There were a few other cars out there like an M3 for example.  But, really, we were all just excited to go out there and hit the track.

Having never been on an F1 track before, this is a pretty cool experience.  The pavement was smoother than any road that you’ve ever been on and everything look much bigger than it looks on TV.

There’s a lot of room to floor it and go fast (in our regular road cars), but it just felt so freeing and refreshing to be in an area where we didn’t have to worry about other cars or speed limits.  There was plenty of gap between the cars so we just enjoyed ourselves.

Luckily, the guy who was leading our group was spirited in his driving so that meant that the rest of us had quite a bit of fun out there.

None of this cost us anything so we really enjoyed it.  We couldn’t have asked for anything more as we flew around the track a couple of times.  It’s not every day that you get a chance to fly around an F1 track (for free no less!).

The rivalry between Corvettes and AMGs ended before we even hit the track.  Once were at the track it didn’t really make a difference whether you were driving a Corvette or a Mercedes.  We were all equal on the track.  It was all the same.

The track was amazingly smooth and even though we weren’t racing or even close to it, just driving fast on the track was fun.

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