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“Luxury on steroids” – that’s how Leslie defines her Aston Martin Vantage S.  I have to say that I agree.

Don’t be fooled.  No question that the Aston Martin is sophisticated and refined – but there is also an animal lurking within.

Surprised by the growl? I was too.


This is Leslie’s baby.  She has owned the car just over a month and has yet to figure out all the bells and whistles.  The Vantage S has style and presence – especially the convertible version.

Lots of carbon fiber on the inside and the exterior of the car.Aston Martin Vantage carbon fiber

An Aston Martin owner’s expectations

Now, when you buy a car like the Aston Martin, you fully expect the designers to have thought of the small things.  I mean, the really small things.

1.  For example, the doors on this car open upwards.  The sole reason for that is so that you don’t hit them against the curb when you open them.

2.  Also, the door magically stops itself from slamming back down.  There are stops all along the way (not the two jerky stops that you encounter in a regular car), but wherever you might happen to leave the door open…it just stays!  I’m not sure if my explanation makes sense, but if it did, let me tell you that this feature is extremely useful.

Aston Martin Vantage doors

3.  I would also expect Aston Martin to think about me when it rains.  Fortunately, they have provided an umbrella located in the trunk.  Don’t leave it in a restaurant somewhere because it costs a couple hundred dollars to replace.

Aston Martin umbrella

4.  Aston Martin has also provided me with a key FOB that’s like a piece of jewelery.  They have a piece of crystal (yes, that’s right…actual crystal) attached to the key FOB.  Exquisite.

Aston Martin fulfills dreams of owners that they never even realized they had.

Crystal FOB Aston Martin Vantage

5.  If I carried a purse, which I don’t, I would expect Aston Martin to give me a place to put it…behind the seat to be exact.  This is Leslie’s favorite feature – not really, but I’m sure she appreciates the fact that there is a place to store her purse.

Aston Martin Vantage purse storage

6.  Also, as an Aston Martin owner, I can’t be bothered to actually pull any levers or exert any more effort than absolutely necessary.  So I would expect only to push a small little button so that the trunk opens up with minimal effort.

Voila!  A gentle push of a button = open trunk.  And the umbrella is right there if I need it.

Aston Martin Vantage trunk button

7.  I am a busy man so I can’t expect the top to take more than…oh, say 30 seconds to close?

Good..under 20 seconds.

8.  There’s no “8”.  There are too many features to list…too many for me to find out.  I’m sure there are some buttons in the car which launch missiles, lay out oil slicks, put this car in invisible mode and so on…after all James Bond did own an Aston Martin for a reason.

I’ll have to check with Leslie in a few weeks to see if she’s found the button to travel back in time.

Aston Martin Vantage side view

The drive

I couldn’t believe Leslie actually let me drive the car which is shocking since she’s only had the car for a few weeks and it wasn’t just any car – it was an Aston Martin.

But, I am so glad I got to drive it – I had a smile on my face the rest of the day.

The “what if I damage this car” thought did cross my mind before I started the car.  I was pretty nervous because who knows how much a small scratch or dent would have cost to repair (actually I don’t want to know).

But I overcame my fears and drove it anyway – I like to live on the edge.

Aston Martin Vantage front wheel

The few minutes I spent in the driver’s seat made me realize how comfortable the leather seats actually are – ultra soft and really high quality leather.  Inside the car, there’s just enough room for two people which is how it should be.  No more, no less. You are seated relatively low in the car and you feel the urge to just mash the gas pedal.Aston Martin Vantage interior

The steering is extremely solid and precise – it feels heavy but in a good way.  The paddle shifting on this car was seamless with no lag.  I was so tempted to mash down the pedal and fly through the gears.  But of course I didn’t.  Leslie would’ve probably thrown me out of the car.

Aston Martin Vantage low front


Final thoughts

There are so many things to love about this car.  Although the Vantage S is super luxurious, the ride is still sporty and the car is constantly begging you to push it hard.

Actually, it was refreshing to see Leslie enjoying this car.  Most Aston Martin owners baby their cars and I have to say I have never seen an Aston Martin being driven aggressively.  I would bet that you haven’t either.  If you skipped over the video clip, you should go back and see how the car should be driven.

The Vantage S is capable of so much more than just making a statement.  This is a car that you could beat up on the track (which you probably wouldn’t) and still take it on a long road trip (which you probably wouldn’t either).  My point is that the Vantage S seems to be just the right balance between luxury and sportiness.

What a wonderful car.  Wish I owned one.

Aston Martin Vantage front right angle

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