Audi A3 – Daily Driver With A Secret

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So…what’s the secret?

A3 front top angle

This particular Audi A3 can generate over 350 hp…maybe around 400 hp.  But the car’s not there yet.

Mike’s 2011 A3 has an APR turbo kit and intercooler that the previous owner installed.  Mike has a mid-pipe and down-pipe that he will be installing soon.  An updated tune along with the existing upgrades will give him the power that makes this A3 something special.

For now, it’s still pretty quick.  With the stock exhaust and upgraded turbo, the output is somewhere around 250-300 hp.

This Audi A3 is a great deal

Mike's a3

Mike bought this 2011 Audi A3 for only $22K.  Normally, this would be a good deal for a stock A3.  But, obviously Mike’s car is not stock.  It has about $10K worth of upgrades.  To an auto enthusiast, this is a dream!  Mike basically got a high performance 4-door wagon for the cost of a normal wagon.  He won’t really have to spend much money, if any, on upgrades.

Typically, if you modify your car, you don’t really get any of the money back that you put into the car when you sell it.  In fact, in many cases, modifications lower the value of the car.

So here’s a tip.  If you’re going to buy and modify a car anyway, it’s better to spend your time looking for one that is modified exactly the way you want.  Also, it helps to do what Mike did.  Chat with the owner and make sure the car is in the shape you want it in.  With careful research you can get some amazing deals like Mike’s newly purchased A3.

The modifications for this A3 work perfectly because the APR turbo kit and intercooler are essentially what’s in a factory Golf R.

My A3 driving experience

Mike let me drive his newly purchased daily driver which gave me a good chance to answer this question – would I buy this for myself?

Audi A3 interior

The driving position in this car is actually very good.  You might expect in a typical wagon that you would be seated higher, like in an SUV or a van perhaps.  But that’s not the case here – you can easily be fooled into thinking you’re driving a sports car.

The interior is so good that when you’re in the car you might mistake this for a high-end luxury car.  Audi interiors have always been excellent.  There are no rattles – the build, fit and finish are all superb.  To get all this and the “free” mods for $22K is a steal!

The S-tronic paddle shifting was pretty cool.  There was a little bit of a lag that I felt between shifts – but it’s hard to complain about it since I was driving something that was designed to be ultra practical and fit lots of stuff.  With the APR turbo and quattro AWD, the car pulled pretty hard.  Between 3-5K rpms, there was a steady amount of power.  I enjoyed pushing it and was super stable through turns.  The A3 is way more fun to drive than I initially thought it would be.

The steering is light and slightly disconnected from the road – that tends to be the case with most modern cars these days.  But for what the car is built for and designed to do, everything works well together.

A3 side profile

I don’t think I’d enjoy a stock A3 as much because of the power.  I can’t wait to drive this thing after Mike opens up the exhaust and changes the tune.  An additional 150 hp will make a world of difference.  Who wouldn’t love a 400 hp wagon!

So the answer to my original question is yes.  I would buy this as a daily driver because it’s sophisticated, refined, drives great and has a ton of power (or will have it shortly).  This would be the perfect “sleeper”.  I can see this being an excellent daily driver that has all the extra power you would need to make the occasional racing a blast.

Pretty nice looking A3!

I must say that Audi did a nice job with the appearance.  The front end looks aggressive and the wagon (or should I say hatchback?) looks very sporty.  I really like the style of the wheels.

A3 top angle

If you look at this car, I’m not sure if you would think that the car is worth only $22K.  The previous owner kept it in great shape and overall the car looks more expensive than it is.

Typically I’ve never paid much attention to A3s or wagons in general.  But this is one Audi A3 that is hard to ignore.  It has it all.


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    1. Yeah, definitely. I haven’t driven Mike’s A3 with the added horsepower so I’m sure it’s even more fun now.

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