Audi R8 – The Ironman Supercar

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I know why Tony Stark loves this car.  As you probably know from the Ironman movies, Tony loves attention and if you want everyone to stare at you the entire time, the R8 is the car to get.

Actually it’s a little awkward.  I’m certainly not used to so many heads turning and people at stoplights asking us questions.  During our drive, one guy yelled out from his Hyundai, “How fast is this car?”

Audi angle

That’s a tough one to answer.  What do you say?

“Really really fast?”

Osman’s R8 has the 4.2L V8 with 430 hp which is really quick, but it’s obviously slower than the V10 version with more than 500 hp.  430 hp might not feel like a lot – especially these days, with cars like the Mustang coming from the factory with over 430 hp.

I remember the days when 300 hp used to be so much power, but now you can buy the new Hyundai Azure 4-door sedan which has 293 hp!

However, with the AWD on Osman’s R8, the acceleration and grip were great and 430 hp felt more than enough.

I really do like these R8s; Audis typically blend into the background but the R8 is very noticeable.  It’s probably one of the few supercars out there that have a nice, luxurious ride while also providing you a thrilling experience at the track.  That was certainly case when we were out in Michael’s R8 at Harris Hill not too long ago.

Audi R8 rear

The R8 might be a little too refined and this is why.  Even though you have a massive V8 behind you, there really isn’t a sense of that.  There is a ton of insulation and you don’t hear much of the exhaust.  The upside of all this is that you can easily take this on a road trip and make this car a daily driver because it’s just that comfortable.  Although I’m not sure if cars of this kind are ever daily drivers.

Audi R8 engine

Audi made sure to not neglect the engine.  They put all kinds of lighting in the engine bay to make sure you can see it all.  It is quite pretty – the trademark Audi rings look really nice on the engine cover.

Osman’s son was the biggest fan of the car and he loved every second of being in the driver’s seat.  I recommended that Osman prep his son to be the next F1 champ!Audi R8 Osman's son

The R8 truly does stand out from the pack because it looks like nothing else that’s out on the road today.  It might have the flashiness of a Lamborghini but still possesses the refinement that makes it so appealing.  I would bet that you probably see a Lamborghini or a Ferrari more frequently than an R8.  I can’t imagine that most people even know that Audi makes a supercar!

Osman purposely configured the car to be light and so he opted out leather anywhere in the car.  Instead the seats are Alcantara with enough carbon fiber and luxury inside to confuse you a little bit.  You might think – is this really built as a supercar or is this more of a luxury cruiser?

The truth is that it is both.  It’s a multi-purpose supercar that can not only make you giggle at the track but also take you from Austin to Houston without annoying you.  It is just that pleasant.

R8 side view

What I love the most about the R8 is its looks.  No other car comes quite close to it.  It probably doesn’t even matter if you care about cars or not – if you see one driving by I guarantee you’ll turn your head.  Audi did a fantastic job with the design and in my opinion it’s one of the best looking cars ever made.

Believe it or not – this car is for sale.  I know Osman will have a tough time selling it because – come on – it would be tough to beat this one. He did put his name in the ring for the Hellcat, so we’ll see if he ends up with one of those.


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