Audi R8 – Just Can’t Get Enough

Lately, the Longhorn Racing Academy (LRA) has been up to some really exciting things.  Their start, a few years back, was initially at Harris Hill offering folks an opportunity to get behind the wheel of one of their supercars to have a go around the track. These days, they are being invited by the Circuit of the Americas…Continue Reading “Audi R8 – Just Can’t Get Enough”

Audi A3 – Daily Driver With A Secret

So…what’s the secret? This particular Audi A3 can generate over 350 hp…maybe around 400 hp.  But the car’s not there yet. Mike’s 2011 A3 has an APR turbo kit and intercooler that the previous owner installed.  Mike has a mid-pipe and down-pipe that he will be installing soon.  An updated tune along with the existing upgrades…Continue Reading “Audi A3 – Daily Driver With A Secret”