C7 – a tale of the new Corvette and a cruise

I felt like a celebrity…along with Tom, Larry (read about his Z06) and their friends.  The new C7, Z06 and C5 Corvettes got a ton of attention at the small town of Hye.  The nice folks there loved the Corvettes and tweeted shortly after we left.

There was even a lady who was admiring the cars and wanted her picture taken in the Corvettes (you can see her arm sticking out of the Z06).

Lots of love for the Vettes in Hye, Texas.

Lady in Z06

So how did we end up in Hye, Texas?  It happens to be a destination at the end of some really nice, twisty roads that is a dream for auto enthusiasts who want to drive and enjoy their cars.  Larry organized a cruise with a few passionate Corvette owners which gave me the chance to check out Tom’s new Corvette C7.


As you can see, Tom literally couldn’t wait to get his hands on a new C7.  He bought this directly from the factory and even has his name engraved onto a nameplate located on the center console.

Tom bought his very first Corvette in 1971 and rebuilt the entire car.   Since then, he has owned a C4 and C6.  So you can imagine that when he heard the new C7 was coming out, he had to get it.  He loves the C7 and so do I.

The all-new new 2014 Stingray C7 Corvette has been completely redesigned but a quick glance will tell you that it’s still a Vette.  I personally think Chevrolet did a phenomenal job with its latest iteration of the Corvette and I’ll tell you why.

Angle C7 feed

The Fancy Interior

First, let me start with the interior.  I must say that the interior of the C7 is absolutely fantastic and I am not exaggerating.  If you were blind-folded and placed inside the car, you would probably think that you were in a European sports car.  To my untrained eyes, the interior look and feel is on par with BMW, Audi and others.  There was a lot of attention paid to the details of the entire design including the careful stitching of the leather.  Everything is well put together…something you might expect in a luxury car.

Tom must have thought I was some sort of weirdo because I couldn’t stop touching everything inside the car.  But, sometimes you have to feel the quality of the materials instead of just looking at it.  It became obvious that Chevy has stepped up to a new level with the C7.


c7-interior c7-interior-from-the-rear c7-gear

So….you essentially have all the luxuries in an extremely fast sports car (significantly faster than the previous generation C6).   By the way, the seats which have historically been not as great in previous generations are perfect in the C7.  They provided excellent support when Tom was whipping the car around tight turns.  Incidentally, Tom actually makes seat repair kits for previous generation Corvettes in addition to his day job as a CFO.  Busy guy!!

The digital dash is pretty awesome.  You can see a rendering of the Corvette in the dash – it displays the tire temperature as well with colors (4 red wheels if they’re hot, not that you’d really care…but it’s a fun thing to look at).  Lots of cool features and technology built into this car.


The Cruise

The C7 has plenty of power and a great exhaust note.  Although the Z06s were more powerful, the C7 really did not have any trouble keeping up with those cars.  The car was very stable and rock solid through high speed turns.  It’s surprisingly quiet and comfortable, but with the simple push of a button, the C7 can be instantly turned into a track car.  Chevy has done a good job of balancing aggressive power with a comfortable and quiet ride.

Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for (drumroll……)

Torque Affair presents Tom’s 2014 C7 Stingray….

I admit…not the greatest production quality ever, but that’s all I could do with an iPhone and an iPad.

Now that you’ve experienced some of what the C7 has to offer, you must be thinking, “hmmm…wonder what it’s like to drive a C7 through a creek”.  Well…today’s your lucky day!

If you have never been a Corvette fan or didn’t like one for one reason or another, the C7 might just change your opinion.  With every generation, Corvette has continued to improve, and the C7 is no different.

c7-rear-right c7-rear-light c7-in-front-of-feed

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3 thoughts on “C7 – a tale of the new Corvette and a cruise”

  1. I love the Stingray, I think it’s one of the best values you can get for the price. I would buy one in a heartbeat if I had the cash.

    1. Apparently the value was so good for this year, GM is raising prices. Greater than anticipated demand…

      But yeah, for the price you can’t do much better.

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