Lamborghini Gallardo – the Raging Bull

lamborghini-gallardo-slicing-air Gallardo-top-rear gallardo-side-view-angle


This is how I imagine the Lamborghini Gallardo was designed.

The people lucky enough to work at Lamborghini put a block of clay in a wind tunnel and started chipping away at it until they perfected the flow of the wind around the body.

The end result? A stunning Gallardo flawlessly slicing through air – one big sweeping curve from the front end all the way to back.  Bello! (Italian word for beautiful – had to look that one up)

And to think, the creator of this car, Ferruccio Lamborghini, originally manufactured tractors.  He owned many high-end sports cars but was never really happy with any that he owned.  So he did what any of us would do if we don’t like what we drive…designed his own car.


Ferruccio who was fascinated with bullfighting named most of his cars after famous bulls.  He adopted the bull as the emblem.  I can’t really think of better car model names than….Gallardo, Murcielago, Diablo, Reventon, Aventador.   I think there’s more but I won’t list them all here.


Justin bought his Gallardo a year ago and plans on keeping it for a long time.  He is a long time car enthusiast and owner/operator of Atomic Tattoo in Austin, Texas.  He has plans on modifying the car extensively.  A Gallardo is rare enough but a modified one will truly be one of a kind.

All Lamborghinis are striking – they definitely catch your attention.  While we were in the parking garage a couple people gave us a “thumbs up”.  I can’t imagine what it’s like for Justin to drive this around – there is definitely no blending in when you’re driving this car.

Justin’s bull has gorgeous aftermarket wheels and titanium exhaust.  The wheels are super wide – but with a 5.0 L V10 producing about 500 hp on a relatively light car, you need all the grip you can get.  We’ll have to get together with Justin in the near future after he’s done with his customization to see how it all turned out.


This is a 2004 Gallardo but you wouldn’t know by looking at it.  The styling looks as modern and unique as it did 10 years ago.  In fact, the only thing that gives away the age of the car is the cassette player!  I think that’s pretty awesome that this car has one.  I think Justin should be keep it but he will eventually replace this with an aftermarket sound system.

The gated shifter is awesome…Justin modified the shift knob and put Italian stripes across across the base of the shifter.  Nice touch!


The aftermarket wheels and brake calipers REALLY make the car stand out.  These wheels, in my opinion, look waaay better than the ones that came from the factory.  The look of any car can drastically change with the right wheels on it.  On Justin’s Gallardo, these wheels are perfect.


The huge hood in the rear (or should I say trunk lid?) hides the massive V10 built by Audi.  The internals are very similar to the Audi R8.  I really liked the look of the car with the hood open…it’s long and exposes the massive engine with a heat shield.  These huge V10s need to be cooled, similar to Ray and Leslie’s Dodge Viper ACR.  There are tons of vents and plenty of ways for the raging bull inside to stay cool.

I could keep writing more about this car, but really the best thing to do is to look at more pictures.  Enjoy!

gallardo-hood-open-angle gallardo-rear-angle Gallardo-top-rear

Being in a parking garage allowed me to enjoy the loud exhaust reverberating within the parking garage walls.  I wonder how many people we annoyed while I was taking these clips.  The modified exhaust was so loud that the ground shook when Justin floored it.  I thought the car sounded similar to the F1 cars I saw last year during the race in Austin.  It was deafening in the garage but I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Lamborghinis are the kind of fantasy cars that most of us dream of owning.  It brings out our inner child and true sense of  enthusiasm.  The car really stands out in every way possible and it explains why Justin will probably not get rid of it any time soon.  It’s definitely a keeper.

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