The CL65 AMG Goes To The Dragstrip

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When you own a car with loads of torque – 738 lb-ft to be exact – there is one thing you must do with it.

Take it to a drag-strip.

After all – you should really get the feeling of what it’s like to just the slam the pedal to the metal.  Sure, you could do it from a stoplight, but safety is always a concern and generally you don’t have a clear path ahead of you.  And even if you did, it would be a bad idea with cops lurking everywhere too.

At a drag strip facility however, you can race your heart out until you get bored or your car breaks.

Neither of us had ever been to a drag strip before and so we were pretty excited to visit the place with Mubashir’s CL65 AMG which was located out in the middle of nowhere.  It was the Little River Dragway and as we approached closer to it, our phone signals started to disappear.

There were no signs that the drag strip was anywhere in the vicinity and there were fewer and fewer cars on the road.

Where was this place??

Finally, after driving up and down the same road a few times, we found a small sign that mentioned the Little River Dragway on it.   We took a turn and embarked down a road that was barely paved and a few hundred feet later we came across a little shack where we had to buy tickets.  It was $30 to race.

Tech Shop

After we bought the ticket, we drove along the path to find a place called something like “test and tune” which we didn’t find at first.  After driving past another little shack, we turned around to come back to it and spotted the red letters “TECH”.  Ah ha!  That must have been it.

At the Tech shop there didn’t actually appear to be anything tech-related.  There might have been some stuff inside, but what we saw on the table out front were mostly trophies and just a paper to sign that made sure that if something bad happened it was entirely our fault.  Or I should say Mubashir’s fault – he signed, not me.

I made sure that my name wasn’t on any of the papers.

Of course, if something did break on his car, he would have my full emotional support.

Local drag strip

Soon, we found ourselves surrounded by American muscle like Mustangs, Camaros, a few Corvettes and a couple of trucks.   I’m pretty sure the last time the folks at the drag-strip saw an AMG was….never.

Although if you think about it the AMG is really a muscle car dressed up in something more sophisticated.  The V8 AMGs have a deep growl similar to American V8s and they are probably most enjoyable when driven in a straight line – especially the heavy CL65 with 738 lb-ft of torque.


It was a little unnerving to line up at the dragstrip.  There were no instructions given and absolutely nothing was discussed that was safety related.  Anybody could have just driven up to race – which included us.

Rental cars

For example, I saw a couple of sedans that looked like rental cars patiently awaiting their turn.

I guess it’s sort of obvious what you do at a dragstrip, but shouldn’t there be someone at least trying to give us some tips or suggestions?  Even at McDonalds they tell you where you to pick up your food.

We were all ready to race surrounded by a bunch of vehicles and motorcycles.  It was kind of intimidating…us newbies surrounded by seasoned drag-racers.

By the way, those motorcycles were really really fast.

waiting to race

The dragstrip itself was very narrow.  Virtually everyone that pulled up did burnouts to warm up their tires while we quietly rolled up in a V12 that hardly made any sound.  It was like we were just there for a casual Sunday drive.

Our first race was against a Chrysler 300C SRT-8.  He beat us mostly because of our delayed launch and the fact that there was two of us in the car.  Watch the video to see how that went.

Next time around, we slowly and quietly pulled up again next to our arch nemesis – the hungry and the powerful….


Dodge Dart

Is that a Dodge Dart?


Could it be another rental?  It had to be…

Witnessing all these 4-door grocery getters at the dragstrip has given me a great idea.  Next time I get a rental, I’m heading straight for the drag strip.  Now, that would be fun!

Believe it or not, there actually was a huge truck that was faster than a lot of cars out there.  It was a Dodge Ram that hit 1/8 mile in 7.5 seconds!

CL65 vs SHO

It took a few tries to get the launch down correctly although it wasn’t nearly as good as some of the experts who seem like they do this for a living.  But Mubashir did great for his first time.

Luckily the torque in the CL65 AMG made up for the lack of experience in the launching department.  The track was only an eighth of a mile which means the run was over before we even got started.  A quarter mile strip would’ve been way more fun.  Or even something that was a mile long.

The best run was the last one with a time of 8.28 seconds in 1/8 of a mile.  Googling a 1/8 mile to 1/4 mile conversion table, it looks like a quarter mile time would’ve been reached in a hair under 13 seconds which is not bad at all!  The CL65 AMG is pretty quick and with 738 lb-ft under the hood it’s definitely no surprise.

After a number of spirited jaunts, we decided to call it a day and go home.  The car needed a break.  I’m happy to report that the CL65 AMG had no problems at the dragstrip and is still running strong.  Having driven it quite a bit I have to say that I’m really starting to enjoy the car and its intoxicating levels of torque.

Who knows – I might buy the car from him some day.

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