Torque Affair Cruise – One Year Later

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About a year ago, I tried to organize a cruise to go out and drive our cars on the winding roads of the hill country in Austin, Texas; this was right around when I started this site.  Three people total that showed up – and one of them was me.  That’s right, I’m not kidding.  Here’s the proof.

I thought that as soon as I would start a car group and/or an auto-related blog/website, somehow auto enthusiasts from all around town and even the world would flock to my site.  I imagined that in a few weeks I would have hundreds of people begging me to be a part of the Torque Affair cruises.  Well, that’s a tiny bit of exaggeration.  Little did I know at the time, that after a year or so working on the site, I would still only have 5 visitors to my site – one of them, of course, being yours truly, and the other a friend of mine who I usually force to click on the links that I send him.

It’s been quite a journey.  I didn’t think I would turn into a writer but I must say that I do enjoy it.  Loving cars as much as I do, why not share my passion with others who feel the same?  Right about now, if you’re still reading, you’re probably thinking…so…what’s the point of all this?

Traveling car show

The point is that we had such an amazing turnout for this last cruise that I was completely blown away!  Around 15 people showed up, some of whom even heard about this from someone that I’ve never met.  Now, that’s a dream come true.  The fact that I didn’t have to beg someone to show up and they found it out about this quite randomly made me pretty happy.  I was only expecting a handful of those to show up.

And I must thank Larry Baird and Tom Mezger for organizing and leading the cruise.  They know how to have fun as was evident when I joined them last time, which is why I asked them to help me out in putting this together.

Luckenbach group

Every cruise I’ve been on always has interesting things that happen along the way and this time I was lucky to have my friend Chris Morrow come along to film the whole event.  The drive out to Luckenbach was about 2 hours long.  But, of course we stopped along the way for a break and socializing which is all part of the fun of being on a cruise.

I have noticed that typically these drives tend to be specific to a brand or a model – BMWs, Ferraris, Porsches, Corvettes – what have you.  But our Torque Affair cruise had a nice mix.  We had Honda S2000s, a Miata, BMW M5, Corvettes, Porsches, Nissans – that’s really what gets me excited.  Why discriminate when it comes to enjoying driving?  Everyone is welcome and ultimately that’s what car ownership is about – sharing our passion for autos and driving with each other.

Luckenbach invasion

Our journey was quite eventful.  For one thing, we witnessed an unfortunate accident; we were all at a stoplight when all of a sudden a car squeezed out from in between us and ran straight into a car going the other way.  Luckily, no one was injured.  Witnessing things like this always reminds you to be careful and pay attention 100% of the time – especially when you’re participating in some spirited driving.


We drove out to Luckenbach, Texas and were welcomed by everyone there.  Any time a large group of cars pulls up to a restaurant, it turns into a car show of sorts.  Many heads turned, people started pointing and talking, and we even took attention away from a motorcycle group that was hanging out there.  I could feel their jealousy as the riders glared at us.  In Luckenbach, we became the “traveling car show”.

Honda S2000


I get to drive a Porsche…again

After eating some tasty Luckenbach food, we headed back.  This time I asked Percy if he would let me drive his 911.  After never having driven a Porsche in my entire life, I got to drive a third Porsche 911 back to back!  Is this a sign?  If you have read my driving experiences with the previous Porsches, you would know how much I already love them.  Driving Percy’s convertible 911 Carrera only re-ignited my passion for Porsches.  Now, there is no other choice but to own one some day.

2009 911 Interior

Percy’s Porsche was a 2009 Carrera with 345 hp and was plenty quick.  Not to mention an amazing interior – loved the color.  It had PDK which I like to call insta-shift.  The shifts are way faster than anything you could experience with a manual transmission.  As amazing as it was I still prefer a stick shift for daily driving.  Shifting gears just makes me feel more involved in the driving process even though it’s not as fast.  Maybe if I was racing I’d prefer PDK.

Driving a convertible Porsche was an awesome experience so I’m really lucky that he let me drive in.  Even in 100 degree Texas weather, blasting down the freeway was awesome.  Chris enjoyed the car as a passenger almost as much as I did driving the thing.  Percy actually wanted to drive my Mustang GT and I think that he may actually have enjoyed my car as much as I enjoyed his!  I told him about my bent wheel, alignment problems and fading brakes but none of that really fazed him.  Actually, secretly I hope he wants to drive my car again so we can trade again in the future.

Percy's Porsche

How am I supposed to wait to purchase a 911???  I don’t think I can.

By the way, here’s another version of our cruise on Jalopnik.  I tend to rewrite some of these posts for Jalopnik focused more towards the typical Jalopnik reader; there are some more awesome pictures from our very own Chris Morrow.  Enjoy!

Finally here’s a video of the whole event.


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