Ferrari 360 Modena With A Twist

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Doug in Ferrari

Aside from racing cars and being an all around car fanatic, Doug is also a research scientist.  So, what does it mean to be a research scientist?  It turns out that there are a handful of guys like Doug who write computer languages and compilers to make computers run better, faster and become more intelligent.  So if machines take over the world some day, we can blame Doug.

He started taking college classes at the age of 13 – when I was 13, I think I was mostly focused on buying the latest hot wheels cars that came out.  Besides being a scientist, Doug is also a photographer and teaches traditional martial arts.  I think Doug may have figured out how to live a 40 hour day instead of the 24 hour days that the rest of us are used to.

Doug has owned many cars just like many of the other spotlighted guests featured on Torque Affair.  He’s owned Mustangs, Corvettes, Porsches…but his latest fascination is with his Ferrari 360 Modena.  There is, however, something special about Doug’s Modena.

Ferrari Side 2

In case you’re wondering how all these pictures turned out so well, they were all taken by Doug on his Nikon.  These definitely aren’t iPhone pictures.

Ferrari 360 Modena Mug Shot

Ferrari Engine

When we were filming the Ferrari, there were many heads turning and people snapping pictures on their phones left and right.  This was the case at stoplights, in gas stations – virtually everywhere.  I completely understand because I would be doing the exact same thing.  Actually, I was doing the same thing!

The “Stradale” Upgrade

What’s unique about Doug’s Modena is that it’s 1 of about 5 in the world where Ferrari turned a Modena into a Challenge Stradale.  The original owner asked Ferrari to take his factory-ordered 360 Modena and upgrade it to be a mostly “Challenge Stradale”.  The Challenge Stradale is a track-version of the 360 – very similar to what the GT3 is to a Porsche.  The upgrades include titanium suspension, carbon ceramic brakes, a lighter, more powerful engine and a host of other small improvements that contributed towards better track performance.

Ferrari Interior

The interior features a number of upgrades like Scuderia seats, carbon fiber, F1 paddle shifters and a large button that says “RACE”.  Ferrari wants to make it clear to you that this car is indeed the “track” version.

This was my first time to experience F1 technology, much of which can be found in this 360 Modena.  The difference between an upgraded 360 and a Challenge Stradale straight from factory is that Doug’s 360 still retains the interior comforts whereas the Stradale interior is mostly stripped out.   So Doug has the best of both worlds!

Ferrari Front Angle

Doug had to fight for this Modena – it was different than the rest and had quite a few people wanting it.  Now that he has one of the few Stradale-upgraded Modenas in the world, he does not ever want to get rid of it.  There are subtle exterior differences like carbon fiber on the mirrors and humongous rotors with carbon ceramic brakes.  Doug’s Ferrari actually shares many components with the Ferrari Enzo.

This 360 is such a beautiful car.  Even after all these years, it looks as stunning as ever.  The massive intakes on the side body panels give you a sense of what the car is capable of.  A naturally aspirated 3.6 V8 producing 420 hp truly requires pushing the limits of engine technology.

Ferrari Rear

And my favorite part of the car?? The exhaust.  It sounds like an F1 car and has been tuned to produce the sweetest sound ever – check out the video below.

This was my first time to hear a Ferrari V8 at high revs and it reminded me of last year’s F1 car.  The howling of the V8 as it passed by me while I was filming was insanely awesome.  I do miss the sound of the older F1 cars which I talked about here.

I thought I used to like Ferraris but now I think I’m in love with them.  Now all I have to do is figure out how to get one some day.


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