I came across Andrew, creator of The Road Less Driven, on Jalopnik where I come across many others that write and film interesting things – all car-related obviously. Andrew has some very cool videos here….https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUwAjz8Z2dEEr3YlJX4Iltg Here’s more about Andrew and the Road Less Driven. Torque Affair (TA):  What was your first car ever? Andrew:  It was a…Continue Reading “The Road Less Driven”

A Chat with Rallye Republic founder Ryan Surber

A mutual friend introduced me to Ryan Surber, founder of Rallye Republic, a while back since we are both auto fanatics and building something for auto enthusiasts.  I followed Ryan around when he was putting together the Bat City Rally and covered the event here. Ryan actually has a very interesting background.  I would venture…Continue Reading “A Chat with Rallye Republic founder Ryan Surber”