I used to love going to Cars & Coffee and all kinds of car shows since it was the perfect opportunity to check out cars you normally don’t see every day.  The owners bring out their prized possessions and garage queens and cover the whole parking lot.

But, lately, going to these car shows have become boring because I find myself going back somewhere over and over which is so much better than visiting parking lots.

It’s called the Circuit of the Americas and it’s in my backyard!

Although I have gone back to the COTA many times for all kinds of track days, this one was the best one by far.  Actually, I think I say that every time.

But how can I not?  Every time I go, I walk around with my jaw dropped – further down than last time.

Lambo lineup

This particular track day was part of the “Texas Bull Run”, where owners of Lamborghinis come out to have some fun.  Along the way, the Lambo owners bring some of their buddies, like Ferrari and McLaren owners.

No Honda Civic Si this time around…

The new Huracan is the one that caught my eye as soon as I got there.  It is so incredibly gorgeous.

Huracan track

Hearing the 5.2L V10 come to life on the all new Lamborghini is just as breathtaking as the car looks.  I have to admit that the Lamborghinis and Ferraris hitting the track together sounded absolutely amazing.  Watch the video.

There was however one car that was so loud that it drowned out the sound of just about everything else; it was this beast of an Aventador.   Apparently, it was flown in from Holland and had aircraft exhaust on it!

What?!?Aventador two fly

This Aventador looks like a “Batmobile” and I’m pretty sure Batman was driving it (he had a helmet on).

I can already visualize all those Aventador panels popping off as “Batman” ejects out of the “Batmobile”.  This also reminded me of the time I saw a ridiculous “Batventador” in Austin – https://www.facebook.com/batventador.

The Aventador has one of those designs that time has done nothing to.  It still draws a ton of attention and you can’t help but stare at it’s aggressive yet beautiful lines.

Lamborghini Super Trofeo

Only at a Lambo track day will you be able to witness millions of dollars worth of supercars speeding by you.  There was even this Lamborghini Super Trofeo amongst many others of the Lamborghini race-car variety.

The Lamborghini Gallardos have been around for so many years that they are really starting to look dated – especially in the presence of the all new Huracan which actually looks even better parked next to the Gallardo.

Generally speaking, you might do a double-take if you see a Gallardo driving down the street.  But not here.  When the Gallardo is thrown into this mix of beautiful Italian bulls and the occasional McLaren, you almost don’t even care about the Gallardo.  Even though the Gallardo is a perfectly legitimate and admired supercar, it is completely humbled in the presence of all of these other beauties.

Huracan vs. Gallardo

Lamborghini did all things right visually with the Huracan.  Basically they took the Gallardo, flattened it a bit and widened it.  With smoother edges and a more aggressive stance, the car looks so much better.

The Gallardo is moderately angry, whereas the Huracan looks outright enraged.

Joe's Ferrari

Running into Joe caught me by surprise.  He was a past guest of Torque Affair, where I got to experience his exquisite 458.  He brought his car to the right place; nowhere else can he experience the true performance and greatness of the 458.

Here’s a guy that knows how to enjoy his prized possession.  He already has 25K miles on it and has no qualms of taking it up to 155 mph down the back straightaway.  I’m sure he has an appreciation of the 458 that 99.9% of other Ferrari owners don’t have.

Wandering around the garages is always fun because you never know what you’ll run into.  In one of the garages we saw this SLS AMG GT3 that will be a GT-A cup car in the upcoming Pirelli challenge.


I’ve driven an SLS AMG so I have an idea of what it’s like but I’m sure that this SLS GT-A car is a completely different animal.  I found that out when I realized how difficult it was get out of the car.

Getting in was a breeze but getting out required activating muscles in my body that have remained dormant for years.  I had to muster up all kinds of strength and energy to extricate myself out of the metal cage.

I’m sure I’ll be out there for viewing during the Pirelli challenge (not racing), so it’ll be interesting to see how it all turns out.

Vanity Plates

There were lots of very interesting vanity plates that I came across, most of which didn’t make any sense.  Fortunately, I didn’t see any that said “IAMRICH” .

Here are a few: “EUROCHR”, “TINKER1”, “TWO FLY”, “GHINI”, “AMOREE”, “STEAK-X”…etc.

Lambo Vanity plates

It was fun being around all these Lambos, Ferraris, McLarens, Aston Martins etc.  The weather wasn’t the greatest but still people came out to play.

Out of all the track days I’ve been to, this one was the best sounding one.  If you didn’t know better you would think that this was actual race.  Hopefully, one of these I can actually find myself behind the wheel of one of these cars.





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