Rallye Republic goes to Corvette Invasion

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There must have been a few hundred Corvettes at the Oasis in Austin, Texas.  Corvettes were everywhere.

Corvette Invasion - so many vetoes

At Corvette Invasion, I was hanging out with Ryan, the founder of Rallye Republic, Aaron and Jon.  We were all there to talk about Rallye Republic and its mission.   Although it was a Corvette event, the people that showed up were auto enthusiasts of all kinds – not just limited to Corvette owners and/or lovers.  Hundreds of car enthusiasts were walking around who represented the ideal target for Rallye Republic charitable rally participants.  If anyone would enjoy driving games, it would be somebody hanging out at the Oasis enjoying Vettes!

We set up a couple tents, brought lots of water, a TV and some flyers.  Aaron and Jon went the extra step to set up a stereo and speakers; I think they were trying to have a party under the tents.  Their ploy might have worked, but I had to leave early so I don’t know how it all turned out in the end.

The Rallye Republic hangout area turned out to be pretty cool!  Not one, but two tents with lots of chairs.  The guys came prepared.


Aaron invited a couple of his friends along to help sell Rallye Republic’s mission to Corvette lovers.

He followed his cute friends around with a camera snapping photos of them and the cars.  In the meantime, I took a picture of him taking a picture of the Rallye Republic sales process in the works.  I would say they were pretty successful.  Mission accomplished!

Aaron taking pictures of ladies selling MOTOGUD

Check out the video below for some behind-the-scenes action of setting up a Rallye Republic presence at the event.  In the video you’ll find us trying to set up the tents, Jon sharing a story and some guy selling us some stuff.

Corvette owners seem to be ultra passionate about their cars and have a very strong community.  I knew this to a certain extent but really ended up learning more about it when hanging out with Larry who owns a monster of a Z06 featured here.  It is pretty cool to be part of such a supportive group of auto enthusiasts.

Some Corvettes

Walking around at the Corvette Invasion, I came across a couple gems.

There was a 1969 Gold and Black Corvette Stingray coupe that was offered by GM to Apollo 12 astronauts for $1.  Here is one of three that was made and apparently the last one remaining on earth.  This was one owned by Alan Bean who was the 4th man to walk on the moon.


I found another really cool-looking Vette while I was wandering around the parking lot.

This one appeared to be a completely redone Corvette from ground up with a ZR8X badge.  It looked fantastic with super wide wheel wells and one of the best looking wheels I have ever seen.  The color was as amazing as the car itself.

Corvette ZR8X Wheel]

Corvette ZR8X Front Wheel

Wide wheel wells ZR8

Now, this is some serious customization.  I can’t imagine that anything about the car was stock anymore – maybe the side view mirrors?

There were many other Vettes around and I’m sure there were other personalized Vettes that I didn’t have time to check out.  All in all, I think it was a successful day for Rallye Republic, not to mention a great turnout for Corvettes.  I’m not sure what the final count was but I think over 500 Corvettes showed up!  Now, that’s a passionate community of car lovers.  Hopefully we’ll see some of them at future Republic rallies.


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