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I’ve been to a number of amateur track days at the Circuit of the Americas (COTA) since the track was built but one of the coolest ones by far was the one held by the group Corsa Vita.  As usual, when they showed up at COTA, I went back into the pit lane area, loitered, picked my nose, looked dazed and confused and caught sight of some of the most unbelievable racing machines ever created.  This was nothing short of a true automotive fantasy world.

When I came across a short film produced by Corsa Vita about their track weekend (there is a whole event here besides just track time), it was interesting to get a behind-the-scenes look at the event.

Generally when I see exotic car owners and drivers walking around and chatting, I think to myself: “How do they have so much money to do this?”  Immediately afterwards I think, “Whoever said money doesn’t buy happiness is so wrong.” I’m just joking – of course – money cannot buy happiness.  It just makes it so easy to be happy.

In this documentary, you’ll get to hear some of the thoughts of the drivers and participants of Corsa Vita.  Their passion for racing is evident and I can’t imagine that anything could be more fun than what they do.  I mean – come on –  who wouldn’t love to race Ferraris and Lamborghinis as a hobby!

Here are some of my thoughts about the Corsa Vita production – “A Track Lifestyle Story”.

Amazing Footagery

Yes, I invented the word footagery (why have we not combined the word footage and imagery??). This short film has a ton of it.

When I’m physically at the track in the pit lane area, all I can do is just catch a glimpse of the cars as they fly by me faster than it takes me to say “pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.” (it’s a real word in case you’re wondering).  Actually seeing these cars on film is always a treat; Corsa Vita makes them look better than than they do in real life.

The film crew has done an excellent job compiling all the shots of the cars racing around the track.  Seeing these exotic cars actually being driven hard when you mostly just see them sitting around on a parking lot at your local Cars & Coffee is rare.  COTA is one of the few places where owners bring out their supercars to have fun and I love it.

Besides the cars themselves, there is some amazing track footage of COTA – my favorite is a shot of the tower at COTA at 2:06 in the film which is quite breathtaking.  Don’t miss this one!


There is a lot of focus on Lamborghinis in the “Track Lifestyle Story”; I was quite surprised to find out just how much modifying these Lambos can handle!  Apparently there are quite a few Lambos out there generating up to 2000 hp that the cars can handle with no issues.  That’s insane!  What do you even do with 2000 hp!? Can you even drive one normally?

That’s 10 times as much power as a Honda Civic Si –  ten times!  Lambos have always been extreme, but this merits the creation of a new word: “extremery.”  Extremery is where things are beyond all possible levels of comprehension.

Some Really Great Austin Footage

Being from Austin, I always appreciate any time I catch my city in a movie or a video.  At 9:40 there is some gorgeous footage of downtown Austin and the ever-changing skyline.  If you have any interest in Austin, you should definitely check it out and if you don’t have any interest – what’s wrong with you?


I had an “aha” moment at the 5:30 mark.  Here you will find one of the mechanics sharing a story about him being from a small town and how being able to work on exotics was something he never thought would be possible – why didn’t I think of that?!  Clearly, if you’re not uber-rich, the best way to get close to these cars is to actually work on one.  Can you imagine all the supercar test driving that goes along with a job like this?

I think I could really enjoy the life of a supercar mechanic – except for the actual “working on the car” part.  If I could somehow rush through the repairs and get to driving the car, that would be a dream for me.  Hmm..I should start searching for “exotic car mechanic” job postings.

Charity Work

I’m glad that these track days exist, because they do, in fact, benefit charities since the vast majority of participants are generally wealthy when it comes to these exclusive supercar events.  Corsa Vita does a nice job of highlighting the good work that’s being done alongside all the fun that the participants get to have.

Good causes and charities needs lots of money to survive and affect change so I’m always appreciative when there are opportunities for folks with resources to be able to assist those in need.

Final Thoughts

The documentary could’ve been a few minutes shorter.  Admittedly, I started dozing through some parts of it, although I did enjoy the vast majority of the film.

The film also makes it seem like anyone can enjoy this, but the truth is, you have to have money.  And LOTS of it.  But hey, perhaps watching this film will make you want to earn lots of money. I, for one, am itching to get my hands on one of these sweet cars and must figure out how to make it happen.  Should I rob a bank?

If you are in a position to enjoy spending your money on racing high performance supercars, then Corsa Vita is definitely something you should take a look at.  I’m sure it’s the experience of a lifetime.

Overall, I enjoyed the documentary since it gives you a glimpse into the world of a group of folks who loves cars and racing.  The filmography is fantastic and there are some interesting interviews you can watch.  If you’re an auto enthusiast, give this one a look – at the very least it will shorten your work day by 23 minutes.

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